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Mr. Pizza is already a well-known brand in Sofia. Their pizza places enjoy enormous popularity and love among the fans of this divine Italian food. But they offer not only pizzas. Because their primary goal is to create real oases of gastronomic art.
They wanted to facilitate your online access to their food and services because we all know how intense and busy the modern working day is. And these are the tasks we solve every day in our web design agency: What if there was a way to stay online and order a fantastic pizza without getting up from your chair. Or make a quick and comfortable reservation for one of Mr Pizza`s places by simply clicking 2 times with the mouse?
It sounds like a paradise, isn`t it?
Well, welcome! Here is the address of our home: The Place Where Creativity Meets Technology.
In our web design studio you`ll find only top web designers and pure dreamers!


Mr Pizza


UX, UI & Interaction design. Front-end and back-end development.


A website that makes you fall in love with it!

Quick and
easy choice!

Just a few clicks and you get all the culinary
masterpieces of Mr. Pizza!


Place an order to a home address or take it directly from a restaurant. Pay with card or cash on delivery.

You get the desired food as
quickly as possible!

Our system automatically detects the closest
restaurant to your location.

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