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Kolora is a relatively new brand for professional hair cream on the Bulgarian market. The main task that the team of our web design agency had to solve was to give the clients a better and more detailed insight into Kolora`s innovative products. 70% of consumers simply aren`t sure what they are looking for, whether it's an established or new brand in the sector. That's why we've created a catalog website to help the customer quickly and easily choose the desired product, hair color, or just get the necessary information.




UX, UI & Interaction design. Front-end and back-end development.



Pearl Blond. Sparkly Red. Intense Brown or ...

KOLORA and KOLORA ZERO are innovative products. There is a color for every wish. “Paint” your hair while browsing the options. Stay up to date with new trends, be fashionable with our interactive experiences…!

Responsive Web Design and Easy-to-Use Interface

Choose the color for your hair directly from your phone or tablet. You no longer need to go to the store… Everything happens quickly, easily and smoothly from your mobile device. This is the meaning that fills the following words: modern website design!

Interactive Experience

Thanks to the interactive experience created by our web designers, now you can become a famous hair stylist! With a few clicks you can choose the preferred hair color or just browse through all of Kolora’s products. Because for us the pleasant experience of the client entering the site is of fundamental importance.

Aesthetic vision

With our website designs we tell stories. The stories of our clients.

Intuitive design

We remain faithful to our minimalist approach to the functionality of the system.

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