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Fantastic Stay is a web platform that gives you the opportunity to book an apartment in London. According to recent surveys, over 80 percent of people collect information and offers for their next trip, surfing online on the Internet. Our main goal as a web design company was to create the maximum number of prerequisites so that more and more users can visit the site and make online bookings. Our system of search filters for properties in a London only needs to enter "price", "area" or "date" and in seconds you will have the desired homes on your display. The minimalistic and clean web page design only highlights the luxurious interior of the property.


Fantastic Stay


UX, UI & Interaction design. Front-end and back-end development.

Book your stay in London

We love to sketch icons

Dynamic filters

Dynamic filters pave the way for the customer's best solution.


  • Interactive gallery

  • Booking form

  • Facilities in the apartment

  • Facilities near the apartment

  • Customer Reviews

Reservation with just 2 clicks

Count together with us: ONE - select dates for stay and number of nights; &TWO - make a reservation!

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