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We are delighted to introduce "Comsed", the largest chain of toys stores in Bulgaria!
Their motto is: “Uncompromising quality for all children's toys!” Here's what was the big challenge for our team: we had to structure over 90,000 products in such a way that the user experience turned into a child's play for every client on the site!
The achieved result is a fast and safely working interface and filtering system for product searches.




UX, UI & Interaction design. Front-end and back-end development.


Over 90,000 Products and Goods

Pacifiers, clothes, plush toys, constructors, dolls, cars, soldiers, balls, castles, pools ... Our website designers and website developers have created an online store with over 90 000 products and goods... We created a small Children's Paradise that is just a few click away ...!

Easy as a Child's Play

Thanks to the filtering system for products based on gender, age, brand, price, theme / hero, etc., every user of Comsed's online store can find the product he is looking for in just a few seconds.

Countless Opportunities

Your child deserves the best toy! Now you can buy it even without registration, or you can sign up for the store and enjoy some nice discounts. Pay with a card or cash after you receive it. Take it from the store or order it at your home address. Comfortable, right?

Responsive Web Design

A website design should be a mirror of its customers. That's why the design of Comsed's online store is responsive, responsible, interesting, colorful, kind, easy to use and very friendly.

All in One…

All your favorite toys gathered in one place ... with a little "magic".

What The Customer Said about Us

Grind Web Studio is the company we approved  to make our site after we had 3 unsuccessful attempts by other companies to complete the job as we wanted it to. They work quickly and with commitment to the client and the project. Communication with them is easy and enjoyable. Their prices are fully adequate to the quality and speed with which they work. I recommend them with a clear conscience to anyone who has a web project to implement.


Rosen Filimonov

CEO of Comsed

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